The Best Way to Manage Group Travel

Trip Loop and award winning mobile and web platform that helps group travel companies find and communicate with their employees and customers, with and without internet.

Trip Loop is a globally recognized travel app

All-in-one app for group travel

Streamline Group Communication

Ensure Group Traveler Safety

Trip Loops streamlines group agendas, group updates and group tracking, so managers stop wasting time and start adding value. 

Without Trip Loop, Group Travel Managers spend 80% of time on administrative tasks and chasing down travelers.

With Trip Loop, managers know where all travelers are at all times, and communicate with them, with or without internet access. 

Only 17%, of group travel providers, successfully implement consistent risk management structure for travelers.

Trip Loop replaces fragmented tools, and bundles all group travel needs into one place

Group LocationTracking

Offline Communication & Content

Live Group Chat & Social Feed

Find group location in minutes. Companies get 24/7 visibility of travelers, tour guides, and trips.

Create a local offline network, that allows users to communicate, and view updates offline. 

Enhance traveler and company communication through group chat messaging, and internal social feed.

Real-Time Traveler Insight Collection

Navigation & OfflineMaps

Interactive ItineraryManagement

Collect traveler insights for activities, places, experiences and the overall trip, in real time.

Make itinerary changes on the go, and collaborate with other coordinators on any trip.

Equip travelers with the best map. Users can navigate to any location on their trip through app, and save pins.

What Our Users Say

“The map was a great, the app helped when I was lost. Through chat, I could ask staff anything.”

"I was surprised to be able to share in real time and without a 

Wi-Fi connection."

“There is a sense of security at hand. It is good to be able to connect and edit in real time”


Tour Guide

Trip Operations


Group of 50 Students

Japan Travel Bureau, Canada

Japan Travel Bureau, Hawaii

Give your clients and travel leaders the best, in 2020. Award winning traveler management software for travel providers. 

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