• Manage Your Groups with Passion, Not Stress


    Today, 9 out of 10 young adult travelers are unhappy with the mobile support from travel operators & providers.

    Trip Loop is a mobile software, and the first group travel app that is built on an offline mesh network. Empower your company's operations & customer support by enabling mobile 24/7 service and content, with and without internet.

    Automate the Predictable


    Today, group travel managers spend 80% of time on repetitive administrative tasks.

    Trip Loop helps you streamline trip operations and team collaboration. By digitizing a fragmented process, our clients' productivity is boosted by an average of 10x.

    Innovate Risk Management


    Today, 50% of group managers expect traveler to contact them in emergency situations.

    With Trip Loop, companies locate travelers in minutes. Enhance risk management by establishing a safe & reliable communication channel and utilizing safety location services.


    A powerful integrated mobile platform

    that bundles all group travel needs, so that companies can:

    • Enhance Safety
    • Streamline Operations
    • Communicate Reliably 
    • Differentiate Their Brand

    Communication and visibility with clients

    Dynamic Itinerary Management

    Optimize logistics by efficiently sharing information

    • Interactive map itinerary showing your travelers every detail of a trip
    • Real-time, offline updates allowing you to best communicate last minute changes

    Offline Mesh Network

    No more inconsistent connection

    • Uninterrupted communication, even in places where WiFi and cell towers can't reach
    • Real-time updates and interactions offline and online

    Closed Social Network

    Give your clients direct and personal attention

    • Have one-on-one, private group, or full group conversations
    • Share documents and pictures within your trip's archive
    • Locate events, hotels, and people in your group, even offline
    • Emergency Location can be used to find a missing traveler or travelers

    Do you want your trips to be safer and easier to manage?

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  • "You have solved our biggest problem, which is, keeping everyone up to date when information inevitably changes. You’ve nailed it. Even solved problems I didn’t realize I had."

    Sharon King, President

    Starfield Connections LTD
    Executive Travel Experiences

    "Everyone used it to to stay informed and communicate. I can already tell it’s going to take all our trips to the next level."

    Rosy Lavin, President

    Fidelis Cluster
    Religious Group Travel Cluster

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